Your Coffee & What It Says About You?

Once seen as the height of sophistication (in 1964, perhaps), the combination of espresso and foamed milk has failed to see off the competition from the latte, the flat white and the drip filter (the johnny-come-lately of the coffee world). with so many starting their day with a coffee hit, what does it say about you when you order from brooklyns best Coffee shop?

Skinny latte
The Diet Coke of the hot beverage world and the default choice of the slightly harassed mother/career woman. It promises the maternal comfort of warm milk and a gentle bump of caffeine but without the calories. The joke is of course on them as the evidence now suggests that whole milk is less fattening than skimmed milk (it’s to do with the way sugar is absorbed, apparently). All those wasted years!

Regular latte12492821754_556123e587_o

The choice of the well-respected man who will never rise beyond middle management. Once opted for the gingerbread version – a bit silly, really! But does enjoy an occasional strawberry yum-yum.

Soya flat white
The tell-tale sign of the lactose-intolerant, gluten-spurning, orthorexic control freak. If you do happen to suffer from any of these modern afflictions, the dignified order is black coffee.

Almond milk flat white

As above, but also has a large Instagram following, a line of yoga-wear and a bestselling cook book.
Erm… can I just have… a normal coffee… white two sugars… oh fiddlesticks what is it called these days?
You can hardly blame the upstanding pensioner for their moment of panic as the milk machines hiss and the time-pushed East European workers hammer spent grounds from the espresso pods and fail to understand their order. Unfortunately, “coffee” ceased to exist in approximately 2003. What you’re after is “white filter” (a sort of brownish dishwater) or “white Americano” (espresso topped with too much water.)

Instant coffee
“Builder’s coffee” may be hard to find outside greasy spoons and church coffee mornings, but when a typical morning cup involves someone writing your name on a paper cup in felt tip, there’s a lot to be said for a stimulant that can be prepared in five seconds for about 2 cents. A discreet kettle and a jar of Gold Blend is the choice of the deadline-surfer with their priorities in check.

Mango frappuccino
If you are eight-years-old, fine. If you are any older, please examine your life priorities.

Double espresso
The choice of the intellectual sophisticate.

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Helping Children Through Grief

Children grieve just as adults do. Any child old enough to form a relationship will experience some form of grief when a relationship is severed. Adults may not view a child behavior as grief as it is often demonstrated in behavioural patterns which we misunderstand and do not appear to us to be grief such as “moody,” “cranky,” or “withdrawn.”

When a death occurs children need to be surrounded by feelings of warmth, acceptance and understanding. This may be a tall order to expect of the adults who are experiencing their own grief and upset. Caring adults can guide children through this time when the child is experiencing feelings for which they have no words and thus can not identify. In a very real way, this time can be a growth experience for the child, teaching about love and relationships. They can also be involved in the planning of flowers for a funeral with

10598896733_85b8068e7a_oThe first task is to create an atmosphere in which the child’s thoughts, fears and wishes are recognized. This means that they should be allowed to participate in any of the arrangements, ceremonies and gatherings which are comfortable for them. First, explain what will be happening and why it is happening at a level the child can understand. A child may not be able to speak at a grandparent’s funeral but would benefit greatly from the opportunity to draw a picture to be placed in the casket or displayed at the service. Be aware that children will probably have short attention spans and may need to leave a service or gathering before the adults are ready. Many families provide a non-family attendant to care for the children in this event.

The key is to allow the participation, not to force it. Forced participation can be harmful. Children instinctively have a good sense of how involved they wish to be. They should be listened to carefully. Parents who openly talk about their grief, cry, and express frustration, send a message to their children that it is okay for them to do so. Because children cannot carry the burden of all your pain, try to maintain times for play and talk without conversation about the dead person. Balance, as best you can, the sharing of sad feelings, with the sharing of more pleasant activities and times shared together. This lets your surviving children know how much they are valued.

If your child has had an experience with death, (perhaps a pet, or a grandparent), it may be easier to explain the death. Here are some questions which many children wonder about and some suggested answers:

Is death like sleeping? Death is different from sleeping. When you go to sleep your body still works. You still breathe and your heart beats and you dream. When a person is dead, his or her body doesn’t work anymore. Remember that children who are told that death is like sleeping may develop fears about falling asleep.

Why did they die? If the death was from an illness, explain that the person’s body couldn’t fight the sickness any more. It stopped working. Make sure your children know that if they get the flu or a cold, or if mom or dad get sick, their bodies can fight the illness and get better. Their bodies still work. Explain that people do not usually die when they get sick. Most people get better. If the death was from an accident, explain that the person was hurt so badly that his or her body stoppingworking. Explain that when most people get hurt they can get better and live a long, long time.

Will you die? Will I die? Children are looking for reassurance. Let your child know that most people live for a very long time. Children also need to know who will take care of them if a parent or guardian dies. Let them know who to go to for help if there is a family emergency.

Did I do or think something bad to cause the death? Maybe your child had a fight with the person who died. Maybe your child wished this person wasn’t around to get so much attention from other family members. Maybe your child said, “I wish you’d go away from me,” or even “I wish you were dead.” Reassure your children that saying and wishing things do not cause a death to happen.

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Reasons To Train As A Coffee Barista

A value-driven approach to transportation excellence is different from a cost-driven approach. It puts strategy, vision and perceived benefits first. It starts with process followed by implementation and is underpinned by a holistic partnership with transport providers and logistics partners. The goal? A desired outcome is to bring about a responsive, highly synchronised, collaborative transportation strategy that extends visibility to customers, suppliers and carriers. The term ‘professional barista’ simply did not exist in coffee 30 years ago. This role in the industry was built in5137052093_7dc24b5f58_o no small part by large coffee retailers who brought the professional barista to the masses, and baristas now grace our cafes on a daily basis. Which means that if you want to be a barista, you’re going to have to do a little more than know how to brew a French press. Most students and young people work in retail and bars while they study for their qualifications. It’s easy money, a great way to learn some skills and get some information on your CV. There are plenty of routes to go down to train as a barista so you can work in some of the finest Coffee shops in brooklyn .

How do you become a barista?

Baristas get to where they are through a variety of channels. Some start in a coffee shop with no certification, and others start with a course. There are numerous barista certification programs out there, and nowadays, many of the larger specialty coffee companies even run their own courses

Taking brewing classes shows initiative to a prospective employer, but generally most people land their first coffee job before they’re really proficient on a commercial espresso machine. Typically, someone with no bar experience would start by working the register or expediting, and train until they’re consistently and efficiently making quality drinks. That’s the best-case scenario, at least. In a good coffee shop, even experienced baristas need to pass a certification or prove they can make drinks to a certain standard before they get bar shifts.

What makes a good barista?

A love for coffee and a decent palate, because a barista needs to taste the coffee and adjust brewing recipes as required. The ability to focus on making great drinks quickly and the capacity to spend hours on their feet without showing strain. Also, the usual suspects that contribute to a successful career — work ethic, attention to detail, communication skills, and professionalism. Making espresso is an art and a science, and a barista needs to understand the volatility of their ingredients. The best analogy I can think of is baking bread — with practice, a baker’s instincts tell her when to add a little more flour or water to the dough and how to know when a loaf is fully cooked. A barista needs to understand the variables that affect espresso, pay close attention to how the shot looks and tastes, and make adjustments and modifications as they go.

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Remembering A Loved One

Accept that loss is a basic part of our life cycle. Whatever is born must die. Whatever grows must decay. These are universal laws. We tend to forget that these physical bodies are mortal. Everything we see around us will one-day decay and cease to be. That includes all plants, animals, people, buildings, cities, the planet earth, the sun and even the galaxy. Everything in the physical universe is temporary. When this fact is understood and accepted, we will begin to seek other, inner sources of security and happiness.

Confront death: We need to ask, “what is death?” What is the nature of that energy, that power, that consciousness which, when it was in that body, caused it to think, speak, move, love, feel and create? Now that it is gone, there is a mass of cells that will soon decompose. What is life? What is its purpose? A number of us have been forced by the death of the loved one to investigate these questions. Death forces us to look deeper into the nature and purpose of life. Reexamine our life values and goals: Contact with death awakens us to the fact that someday we too will die. This 15323824000_58165ecf0a_ogenerates a number of questions. Will we have fulfilled our life purpose? Why have we come here to the earth? Why have we taken this physical body? Is our life part of some greater process? If so, what does it require of us? How can we live our lives more in harmony with that purpose?

Answering these questions might motivate us to change our life style, live a more meaningful existence, improve our character, purify our love, or investigate the deeper truths of life. We may also discover that life is more meaningful when we value others and their needs.

Someone you know may be experiencing grief – perhaps the loss of a loved one, perhaps another type of loss – and you want to help. Victoria Funerals can only do so much to take the edge off the grief and promote closure. The fear of making things worse may encourage you to do nothing. Yet you do not wish to appear to be uncaring.

Remember that it is better to try to do something, inadequate as you may feel, than to do nothing at all. Don’t attempt to sooth or stifle the emotions of the griever. Tears and anger are an important part of the healing process. Grief is not a sign of weakness. It is the result of a strong relationship and deserves the honour of strong emotion.

When supporting someone in their grief the most important thing is to simply listen. Grief is a very confusing process, expressions of logic are lost on the griever. The question “tell me how you are feeling” followed by a patient and attentive ear will seem like a major blessing to the grief stricken. Be present, show that you care, listen.

Your desire is to assist your friend down the path of healing. They will find their own way down that path, but they need a helping hand, an assurance that they are not entirely alone on their journey. It does not matter that you do not understand the details, your presence is enough.

Risk a visit, it need not be long. The mourner may need time to be alone but will surely appreciate the effort you made to visit. Do some act of kindness. There are always ways to help. Run errands, answer the phone, prepare meals, mow the lawn, care for the children, shop for groceries, meet incoming planes or provide lodging for out of town relatives. The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention.

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Bridal Shops Are Awesome. Here’s Why

Sometimes choosing the perfect dress can actually be pretty stressful, believe it or not. You can get up on that little podium and totally forget you’re there for your opinion only and get bogged down by the judgement of others instead – never a good thing! If you’re feeling the pressure of choosing your perfect wedding dress, we’ve put together for you a guide of what to do and what not 121CFQQ5ZMto do when choosing your dream dress. These tips will go a long way to keeping you calm and focused when choosing a dress off websites like or from bridal shops around the country. Scheduling your wedding dress appointment late in the day can be a little bit of a miracle for your bridal party. Obviously if you’re choosing directly from a website then you won’t have that problem but it’s still good to get in early and keep your brain fresh! Focus on finding the best wedding dress silhouette for you.

Details are very important, a long row of teensy pearl buttons and a well-placed ruffle or two can mean the difference between a good wedding dress and an absolutely stunning one. But before you start nit picking the details, first figure out the shape. Try not to get caught up in the latest trends but focus on your personal style instead. Don’t forget about the top of the wedding dress. For most brides, the long gorgeous dress with the fancy hem is to die for. Just remember that the top of your dress is what people will notice the most and will be the part that shows off in most wedding photos. Finding boutiques that stock vintage dresses like those on can offer you many choices on the top of the dress. Try not to buck to the trends. Just because a wedding dress may be trendy now doesn’t make it timeless. Trendy wedding dresses won’t necessarily stand the test of time – flip through your parent’s wedding album for evidence of that! A gown should be timeless, perhaps you’d like to pass it down to future daughters! Make sure you bring the camera wedding dress shopping with you. Embrace your inner Cher Horowitz (Clueless, for those of you who are well, clueless) and photograph your dress possibilities with you wearing them. Some bridal shop owners may oppose this but explain your reasons! Mirrors are used to sell dresses, cameras do not lie. Knowing how it photographs at all angles can make all the difference for your choices.

It takes time to find the perfect dress and you should take that time to make the best decision for you so don’t feel like you have to bring an audience. We’ve all seen the bridal shops stuffed full of aunties, cousins and the best friends’ sisters’ cousins but it’s not necessary. The only approval you need is yours and maybe your mothers! Don’t feel the pressure to take a gaggle of giggling and emotional women with you who will all likely have different tastes and offer difference advice!

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Benefits In Having A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a big deal. There’s a lot of things that you need to do and so many people to meet in order to gather everyone to a certain place and set everything up before the big day. It will cost you a lot of time and money and it’s going to be a stressful week. There are somethings that you don’t know and their instances that you are not sure if you are making the right decision so in order to avoid having to make catastrophe when making your own wedding why not hire someone who is capable of handling this kind of events? According to the expert words of, having to hire a wedding planner will make your life much easier.

If you are not sure about it then here are some of the lists of benefits that will help you give an insight on what would happen when hiring an expert help in planning your own wedding.

Wedding makeup artist making a make up for bride. Beautiful sexy model girl indoors. Beauty woman with curly hair. Female portrait. Bridal morning of a cute lady. Close-up hands near face

  • They are well experienced and much more knowledgeable. With that kind of knowledge and that kind of experience, you can rely on them for it. They are fully prepared for everything they do, and they know what they are doing so you will not doubt their expertise whenever you need them to do their jobs right.
  • They have the resources to make things done. The best part in hiring a wedding planner is that they have the necessary tools available in order to make your wedding work.
  • They have the connections. Not only that but they also have connections whenever you need something that will help set the place up. You need someone to bake your cake, they someone who can. They know everyone and they are in contact with other people whom they are in business with.
  • It also helps you save money. Under the guidance of your wedding planner, you get to avoid spending too much money on unnecessary things. With the help of a wedding planner, your budget won’t be too stretched and will be just the right amount to have everything done.
  • It saves you time as well. This way you are not going to be feel pressured whenever you think about the deadline of your own wedding. With the wedding planner who will be the one taking reign of everything, all you can is just watch as they do the magic. This saves you a lot of time for doing other things.
  • They even offer you advice. And lastly, they gladly love giving ideas or suggestions whenever you need it.

All in all, with the help of a wedding planner, nothing is impossible. With their talent and their expertise, your wedding will be the best wedding that you ever had. Your expectations will be met and the result from their performance as exceeded to what you were hoping for. You will not be disappointed and the most important thing is that under the watch eye and care from the wedding planner you managed to avoid and mishaps.

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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Before you even make your decision to choose a wedding photographer, you narrow down your list to 3 possible ones that you find are going to provide you your needs in wedding photography. To know what these photographers are capable of, you need to meet each one of them personally so that you will be able to see for yourself what kind of person you are going to be working with. It is important that you are comfortable to work with them since if it is not the case, it will show up in your photos. You will be spending the whole wedding day with the photographer that you choose. If you are both comfortable working with each other, it’s a win-win situation!

To finalize which wedding photographer you are going to hire, ask them the following questions so that you will come to a decision which one of them you are going to hire.

What kind of style do you specialize in?

Not all wedding photographers have a single style. If you take a look at the portfolio of each potential wedding photographer you narrowed down, you will find their form to be uniquely different. Every photographer comes with their style, but in wedding photography, you want to make sure that they shoot portraits, especially when they are critical to you. This is a most likely personal preference, but you should pick a style that you like best.

Will the photos be color balanced and retouched?

And you also need to ask if that is going to be done before you get to see its proofs. The reason why you need to know about this is that these are the techniques utilized in magazines to make your pictures look perfect. Some wedding photographers polish all the photos they’ve taken, while others will show you first the untouched images and will only work their retouches once you finalized the order.


How many wedding events have they shot and how many times in a year?

These wedding photographers have a lot of opportunities to take wedding pictures, while you only get to have it once since it is your big day. You want to ask this since you want to make sure that they have a lot of experience when doing wedding photography. You want to hire someone that are still able to get shots when they are under pressure.

Do they shoot both film and digital?

Most photographers these days use the latter, but you still want to make sure since using film is seeing its resurgence. If you want the movie, you have to ensure that they have the relevant skills and experience needed to execute the old format. They must be a pro in this medium.

If they shoot a film, is both in black and white and color?

Most photographers these days make a mixture of both. Still, you want to ensure the percentage of the latter and the former when they take pictures of you and your wedding.

You can find samples of wedding photography at

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The Advantages In Using Printed Paper Bag

The cool thing about paper bags is that they are cheap, and they are also recyclable where you can just keep them, store them somewhere safe and use them again when you need them. That’s the amazing thing about paper bags. They are common and well used by everybody. But lately there’s a lot of printed paper bags that are sprouting around, and people are starting to like it more than the plain paper bag. Why is that? Well, from the words of you have the chance to customize your bag to your preference. That’s is different. Sure, a plain old paper bag is good but having to own a kitty faced paper bag dyed in a different color than brown is fantastic.

Shopping paper bag

So what’s the advantage in owning the printed paper bag? Here’s the list.

It is something new. Let’s face it. Owning an everyday brown bag is dull. But to own an AVENGERS paper bag or some silly pun printed on the front is something new, where you don’t see it every day.  This has made life a bit more interesting.

It is creative. You cannot deny it is creative, especially when the paper bag has a meme quote on it. Who doesn’t find it cool to own that kind of paper bag?

Fashion. There are also printed paper bags that are fit for fashion, and it is good too! They will match to the attire you would wear because there are a lot of printed paper bags that might match to your taste.

Attractive. Compared to owning a plain white or brown paper bag a colorful and very styled paper bag is much more beautiful than the original.

With these advantages, you cannot help but find them all appealing. They all function the same as the original and also there are printed paper bags that are waterproofed as well, so the choices won’t be so limited. Anyway, having a printed paper bag can be an attractive item to own. After all, there are printed paper bags that fit the holiday season, if you are one of those people who are into fashion. There are also printed paper bags that come in every shape and size. There are small and medium-sized ones that you can bring if you’re planning to bring or carry something small. You can even ask someone to customize it for you. Yes, it is possible. You can ask someone to add something to your paper bag and they will get right to it. Many companies are like that, so you have the chance to recommend some of your ideas onto them where they have the tools and resources to make one for you. In the use of a paper bag, it is the safest and most user-friendly to date.

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