The Importance of Funeral Ceremonies

The Importance of Funeral Ceremonies

In every culture and every religion and every country there are funerals. Death is as inevitable as breathing and taxes and so we as a species must learn to cope with death. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to deal with if you’re the person dying and sometimes it can be more difficult to be the friend, relative or partner of the person who is dying. Funerals and cremations and ceremonies that celebrate the end of one life and the start of a new one are all present across the world and in every culture. These allow those left living to say goodbye and gain closure. Funerals range from cremations to private ceremonies Viking style to arranged ceremonies with funeral parlours like Rose Hill.

We all have heard for the most part of the seven stages of grief and if you haven’t heard of them then that’s okay because in this article we are going to explain them all to you. It’s important to interpret each stage fairly loosely as they vary greatly from person to person. There’s no real straight line progression from one stage of grief to the next, in fact you can keep going forward and back until your heart and mind progress to acceptance. In general the most common emotion following a loss is a long depression. This isn’t the same as clinical depression so don’t mix those up, but loneliness and isolation – especially if losing a long term spouse or partner – are very normal feelings to experience following a death. Outsiders won’t usually understand this and feel you should rejoin society and in a sense, ‘get over’ the loss you’ve experienced. We all move on and grieve in our own time and unfortunately you can’t rush the process. We’re going to explore the seven stages of grief briefly now, touching on each emotion and what you would feel. Don’t forget: There’s no hard and fast rule here. Funeral homes like Rose Hill can advise you on counselling services and support groups for the most part but understanding how you feel is the first step.

  • Shock and Denial: you will probably react initially with a feeling of numbed disbelief. You could deny the loss as an impossibility and that is your brains way of avoiding the pain of it. Shock provides emotional coverage from being too overwhelmed all at once and this particular emotion can last for weeks.
  • Pain, Guilt: once that shock wears off, the pain thunders through. Sometimes this can manifest physically and it’s important to allow yourself to feel it and not avoid it. Embrace the pain now than feel it later.
  • Anger, Bargaining: frustration and pain give way to rage and you can lash out at those around you. It can be permanently damaging to other relationships so be careful. Begging an entity like God to bring back your lost loved one is very normal here.
  • Depression: a long period of sad reflection often follows the period of rage.
  • The Upward Turn: adjusting to life without your dear one is hard but not impossible. You feel like you can find your feet again
  • Working Through: with great support you can become more functional. The pain doesn’t go but it lessens and becomes manageable.
  • Acceptance and hope: you may begin to laugh again. You accept the loss as a natural and inevitable part of life, albeit painful. You look forward, make plans and learn to live again.
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Myths Regarding Whole Body Donation

Myths Regarding Whole Body Donation

A lot of mystery and confusion surrounds the idea of donating our bodies to medical science and sometimes it has an element of Frankenstein about the idea. Whole body donation is a gift to give the medical world and let’s face it, we don’t use our bodies once we’ve died. In this particular guide we are going to list for you the common misconceptions about donating your body after you die and hopefully offer a little insight about what is involved.

  • Myth: Donors that are sick or have a disease do not qualify for whole body donation. FACT: Researchers and educators often need donors with certain diseases and conditions. Most disease processes, including cancer, are acceptable, and there typically is no age limit. Depending on the programme, a few diseases may result in decline, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B or C. Other possible health related reasons for a particular programmes decline include a history of illegal drug use and being severely over or underweight.
  • Myth: If the zombie apocalypse occurs, donated bodies will be the most powerful and the first to roam the earth. FACT: Who knows? It likely wouldn’t happen but there are nurses out there who have zombie training just in case so it’s clearly not always something off Fox TV. Where’s Rick Grimes when you need him?!
  • Myth: An individual must pre-register far in advance to be accepted for body donation at the time of death. FACT: Some programmes will accept body donations after death, even if the individual was not registered at the time of passing. Many individuals make this decision for their loved one who is close to passing or has just passed away.
  • Myth: individuals with tattoos or pacemakers do not qualify for whole body donation. FACT: Individuals with tattoos, piercings, pacemakers, prosthetics, and other physical alterations can donate.
  • Myth: Donation has hidden costs. FACT: Some whole body donation programmes offer services that result in no costs to donors or their families. These programmes cover all expenses related to the donation process. Although programmes vary in what no cost includes, services such as transportation, cremation, a copy of a death certificate and the return of cremated remains to family is typical. Optional expenses unrelated to donation such as memorial services, obituaries, interment or floral arrangements are typically not included.
  • Myth: Programmes will pay me now for body donation later. FACT: It’s unlawful to provide monetary incentives for an individual’s body donation prior to and after death in certain states.
  • Myth: When ashes are received, they include ashes from multiple people or ashes of another person. FACT: after an institution or facility is finished with the body, they cremate the remains and send them back to the family or loved ones. It is unlawful to cremate more than one individual at a time and licensed crematories are very closely audited and overseen by legislation.
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Planning and Organising a Wedding

Planning and Organising a Wedding

The very first step is for you to set a tangible goal – or rather, your bride to set your goals! Wedding event planning done by companies such as are done with such patience and that is the standard you want to emulate. How many people are you going to be organising a wedding for? How many different companies do you have to coordinate to have things run smoothly on the big day? These questions all matter when it comes to planning a wedding and you need to ensure you have a team ready to assist your efforts. Love spreadsheets? Love parties? Love your smartphone? Then you’ve got the tools you need to start planning an amazing and beautiful wedding of a large or small scale. Weddings aren’t just chucking a few balloons in a room with some party favours it can take an awful lot to organise a large scale wedding and even the intimate ones have a lot of attention to the small details required.

These people can come in the form of entertainers, speakers, sponsors and venue management. Caterers are also part of your team as the wedding breakfast is likely to be a logistical nightmare in some cases while catering for different tastes and you need to ensure the caterers are up to speed with the rest of the plans in your event book. If you aren’t working with a wedding company like then you know that the organising will be down to you without help. You need have the date for the wedding six to twelve months ahead of time so you have enough leeway to plan and for things potentially going wrong. Be aware of any religious or statutory holidays around the time of the event as these can really influence the things on sale (thus potentially interrupting the theme of your event). Also any holidays can up the prices of venue hire or bar service hire as well. School holiday times can also bump the costs of certain venues as popularity of booking gets in the way. Ensuring you coordinate the date of the wedding with all participants like speakers/guests/presenters etc is going to be paramount in choosing the date. If you want the wedding to be memorable, you need to have excellent communication with your bridal party. Your plan should consider all the logistics of an event and include the venue, catering management, speakers and presenters, activities and you’ll need to keep track of everything as you book it.

Establish the budget you have to work with and where possible, incorporate estimates for all key items identified on your plan, don’t forget to include any travel or accommodation costs for entertainers etc. You want your event to shine and you want them to remember you because repeat business really matters when it comes to generating new contacts and clients for your event planning business. Coordination is truly key for your event as you want everything to come together in a smooth and timely manner and all in time for it to kick off.

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Tips and Ideas for a Well-Fitted Wedding Dress

Tips and Ideas for a Well-Fitted Wedding Dress

Every woman who is about to be married dreams of wearing the most perfect gown at the most special day that is going to happen in their life. Every woman desires to wear a wedding dress that they would look trendy and or fancy. Styling your wedding dress can be challenging, especially if you are not that good in style or you have less exposure to being trendy. The fashion of wedding dresses depends on how it is designed for example if you aim for a silhouette kind of wedding dress or modern way of styling and designing. Getting into the wedding dress shopping in Glasgow is a good hunt for a wedding dress wherein you can look for an inspiration as you go on searching.

There are ways for you to search for wedding dresses and designs. For you to fit in you need to know what is your body type. Knowing your body type will determine the size of your body and height. A good fitting dress makes you familiar with your body type and size. In this way, your stylist will know if your wedding dress design will fit you or not. If it does not fit your body type, be open minded to other designs, as their expertise is more suitable like at Glasgow bridal shopping. Here are examples of body types that you’d probably belong.

121CFQQ5ZM Pear shaped body- you are to look for a skirt that just gradually flickers out in an A-line formation that begins at your natural waist line up to the floor, wherein it highlights the narrow midsection thus floats away from hips to thigh. To showcase a more slender body, the use of a V-neck or spaghetti strap bodice. Keep in mind that a classic A-line can be dressed down especially when its made of a casual fabric.

Busty – if you plan to have a wedding dress that has a scooped neckline this will actually display your decolletage even if without showing too much cleavage. If you want to wear a strapless gown you must choose a heart-shaped. The fabric of the bodice should have a sheen like a satin or organza and or silk.

Plus-sized- an empire dress with a skirt that just begins under the bust that has a flowy effect towards the floor. If the dress is too loosen, this will make you look like you have added pounds.

Apple-shaped body- a dress cinches to the waist line then gradually flares out like an A-shape. A good lace detail which will camouflage and at the same time fit snugly as it creates a corset-like effect. A slender V-neck line. Keep in mind as well to avoid a trumpet style of dress that will emphasize the size of your body as to where you are the widest.

For tall ladies- the strategy of your dress design is to make you look curvy as to which your natural shape will be. The dress is more likely made simple because of your statuesque.

Straight lined- if your body curve is straight line use a clothing that will give you nice curves on the sides.

For petite women- a modified A-line gown. Finding a style that will serve as another waistline above your waist. This will create a natural looking thus this will also make you a little taller because of the fabric.

Small chested women- look for a fabric that will look like you have an extra bust. This will enhance your chest. Wearing the right bra will provide you with an even nicer boost.

Trendy dresses would be better looking if you are in the right dress. Keep in mind that your wedding should make you look like a star, stunning and beautiful, which the wedding dress compliments as well with the entire wedding outfit.

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Tips for Wedding Dress Design

The wedding dress search will take you awhile until you have decided the type of design and style that you want to wear on your wedding day. While searching always keep in mind that this is not an ordinary dress. This is the kind of dress that you are going to remember in your entire life. As you search for your perfect wedding dress you must know that this is not easy because you have to look for people who can assist you with tips and ideas with regards to wedding dress search.

To help you avoid any bridal faux pas boutique and to save yourself from embarrassment it is important that you are able to find a wedding dress shopping in Glasgow in which people are accommodating, friendly, and can put together all that you need to know for a good fit of wedding dress. For you to be guided more on shopping for a wedding dress and the type of design and style that you want to have, here’s a few tips for you to start and before anything else, you need to set your thoughts first so you can have a fresh start of your day.

wedding-791299__180Think about the kind of appropriate wedding dress with your selected venue of ceremony for example a beach wedding, gothic wedding, is it a formal wedding, winter season or summertime. Different styles will surely give you an idea as to what type of wedding dress you are having. Another factor to think about is your body shape and the personal style that you have. You must make all choices and it should be your decision whether you’re going to pursue the kind of wedding dress or not. The choices that you have to consider especially when it comes to your body shape are the following:  neck line, wedding dress, waistline, length, and sleeve.

The moment you said “I will marry you” it is the time as well that you will somehow start to open your mind to ideas of wedding dresses that will fit your taste in fashion. Going through wedding websites is where most brides get the fastest and quickest solution to their problems of wedding dresses. Reading through blogs can give you ideas and tips about their experiences in terms of preparing for the wedding. Keep in mind that setting to plan a wedding must be done in a smart, attainable, realistic and time bounded or else it will be a fail (well maybe some parts of it) and you do not want this to experience on your very special day.

Wedding dress is not a cheap dress that you can just buy at any boutique shops. It is something that is worth spending at any amount because it is going to be your dress when you say “I do” to the one you love most. It is the dress that will surely give an impression as to how you are beautiful and stunning on the day of your wedding. Budget wise, saving for the best is not a wrong a choice because wedding dresses are a good investment check Glasgow bridal shopping for more ideas about the best wedding dresses in town.

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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost?

 So your boyfriend proposed already and you are so excited for the next chapter of your life. But wait—before you go too far dreaming about that kind of life, you need first to see what is coming. That is your wedding day. You need to be prepared. You need to prepare yourself and the people whom you are going to invite. You need to prepare a lot of things and also your budget. If you have a limited budget then you need to hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are the ones who plans everything for your wedding from the very beginning till the wedding day.  You know that there are really expenses to be paid and that you need to know first what kind of wedding you would like to have and discuss these things with your wedding planner. From there you will be able to know all the necessary prices to each thing you would like to happen and to have in your wedding day. So how much does a wedding planner really cost?  Here is the breakdown on which you should definitely need to know.

Wedding Venue –The price for this may cost much if you are not hiring a wedding planner since these wedding planners know have a huge discount. So instead of booking or doing some reservations at the most beautiful and romantic venue you know why not let these wedding planners pan the most romantic and yet very affordable wedding venue that serves delicious food as well. You can spend up to £ 10,000 mostly.

Photographers, Videographers and Band – these are the most important people during the wedding day. Some wedding planners know there are packages for the photographers and videographers because actually they do operate as one. Some photographers know some videographers and there are freelancers that do both. So you are able to save on the wedding planner because they do know about these things on which can really help you save money. You can spend mostly £ 2,500.

Wedding entourage dress – wedding planners know where to buy all the affordable with good quality cloth for the entourage. These wedding planners also know where to find rental of wedding entourage gowns. You can spend £ 150 to £ 200.

Wedding car – you can rent or you can have your own car for the wedding. But most wedding planners can suggest the good quality kind of car that has the best price. You can even choose your dream wedding car b=with the help of the wedding planner. You can spend £ 60-£100 depending on what kind.


So if you were to plan all these things for your wedding, would you think you can still find a better price like these wedding planners can do? That is why you need to hire the best wedding planners the ones which can really help you budget as well as they have the connections to different types of professionals with regards to wedding.  You can also check ukawp.comfor more information regarding the best wedding planner and how they plan for your wedding day.

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The Most Difficult Aspects in Wedding Planning

If you only look at it from the perspective of a guest, a wedding is a beautiful day for two people to seal their vows and celebrate their love. If you flip the pages you will find that, behind the romantic set for that day is weeks and months of struggle and ugly exchange of words just to get the right elements in their intended places. Planning a wedding is a hassle if you really want to perfect it which is the reason why Surrey wedding planning expert services exist for couples who want to secure plans for their big day.

The planning phase is critical because it will determine how successful the event will be. If you think the team who plans a wedding is only made up of the bride and groom, think again. The team is filled with many people each playing a part to make the wedding a success. From dressmakers, flower suppliers, graphic artists, digital experts, lighting technicians to wedding coordinators and food attendants, the project involves more people than what you see on the surface. Here are some aspects of the planning phase that most planners find critical and challenging.

Getting the Right Date

Choosing the date for a wedding is like finding the exact time when the seven planets will align. This means that you need to find a day when the venue, the presider, the critical guests and the main participants the bride and the groom are available. A wedding planner’s nightmare is when you need to add in numerology in the equation because the couple or their families are believers of this eastern discipline.

Finding the Right Dress


As cliché as it sounds the dress is like the glass slipper from a fairy tale that has to be an exact fit for the bride. The bride needs to look her best on her big day and the dress plays a huge part in the achievement of that goal. This is when the wedding organizers stretch their reach to call on the best makeup godmothers to transform an average girl into a stunning woman on the night she weds her prince.

Deciding on the Entourage

This challenge is more on the bride and the groom. Either there are too many people that needs to be included and casting the roles becomes an increasingly difficult task or there are too few people that there is a severe lack of talent to fill in the vacancies. Going for a best man for hire is the worst case scenario here, but in extreme situations half of the entourage could be paid actresses to stage the final act.

The Invitations

Experts in London wedding planning cannot count the number of dates moved because the invitations were not sent on time. This is mostly due to the challenge of making the couple’s preferences on the design meet with the available resources, the budget and the final output.

Marriage is a new stage in life that comes with a lot of challenges. The first one occurs on the day you put a ring on someone else’s finger.

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Why Stay at a B&B?

Why Stay at a B&B?

For travelers that want to stay at a kind of lodging where it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is the perfect choice of going for B&B. It’s a term referring to bed and breakfast, which literally means that way. What makes a B&B different from your usual accommodation is how you get better value of it. There is more of a personalized attention to your accommodation, including how food is well prepared that you can’t see in hotels. There are more reasons why you should choose a B&B over the regular hotel. Keep in mind that while some B&Bs are cheaper than hotels, there are also B&Bs that are far more expensive than an average hotel. Check out the bed & breakfast hotel in Rye as you will see how their accommodation is presented to their guests.

What are the reasons that you should stay at a B&B? If think about how you have stayed in a hotel, you get little value from the money you have spent on it. Most of the time, the room you get is on the average, except when you take up on an upscale hotel. When you get really lucky, you get to have your own parking space for free, not to mention a continental breakfast. However, such offers are quite limited and will only happen on occasions. There are even amenities wherein you have to pay for it, which will only make you spend more for it. But being inside in a B&B, you get the extra comfort from rooms you never expect to be in. There are even a lot of extras that you will never see at hotels. Most of the modern B&Bs today have their very own Wi-Fi, which you can use for free. One of the best highlights of the B&B is their breakfast, which is usually a home-cooked meal. There are some B&Bs that provide discounts on local events and attractions.

Another unique characteristic of a B&B is their rooms. Every room has its own theme or character. Since every room in a B&B is individually decorated, each room has its own kind of feel. When you are checking in as a group, you better make sure that you check out each other’s rooms. You will be thrilled about the fact that you will find differences between each of them. There are a couple of B&Bs in this industry that takes pride in how every room available is decorated differently. There are also other B&Bs that have different themes in each room. Most of these accommodations will give you a room that matches your preference, which is something different when you choose a room in a hotel. There are even B&Bs that will let you experience sleeping on a tip or even learn how to farm.

There are more benefits when you choose to book in a B&B. Just make sure that when you are traveling on a budget, choose a B&B that is more affordable and valuable when you compare it with an average hotel.

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